Ducks on Date [ Photo – Oasis Thacker ]

Ducks on Date-1       Ducks on Date-2

Ducks on Date-3         Ducks on Date-4

I went for a stroll on the bank of a man-made river in the backyard of our residence in Dallas, Texas, once with my camera. Bunch of ducks were sitting in a group under a big tree, enjoying a picnic. When I returned from the walk, most of them were swimming in the river, mostly in pairs .

There are many songs in India describing lifelong love between geese couples. Once two geese fall in love, they never separate. I began wondering, if the ducks had the same lifestyle, as they are cousins of geese. Upon searching on Google, I found that they do not have the same lifestyle. Ducks don’t love the partner for life. They become temporary couples for breeding (sex!) and often change their partners. That is why the title of the post is ‘Ducks on Date’ Hope you enjoy my photography.

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