Hit List 21012 [Part 3] – INTERNATIONAL Stats

Dear friends

Many of you know by now, that I have spent half of my life in India where I was born, and half in the USA. Many of you also know that my present name is Oasis Ghanshyam Thacker, and I was born with name Ghanshyam Thakkar (which I still use when I write poetry and other literature in Indian languages).

When I started my websites in 2006 with domains www.ghanshyamthakkar.com and www.oasisthacker.com and related blogs for both the domains, I was expecting maximum visits and hits from India and USA, with a small contribution from other countries where there is some population with Indian origin (Like Great Britain, Singapore, Canada etc). To my surprise, I began getting significant hits from many countries that I did not expect. Like Nethrlands, China, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Israel, Norway, France, Germany,  and many other countries. It is very exciting to know that friends from over 120 countries enjoy my creativity.

Music and visual art are international languages; but the poetry and other literature written in Gujarati and Hindi languages are appreciated as well. While online translators may not be perfect, they give some idea about what the writer is trying to say.

Both the domains and related blogs have progressed significantly since I started, and doing better every year. I hope you all continue to visit, and tell your friends about my creativity.

Thank you friends from over 120 countries.

Oasis Thacker [Ghanshyam Thakkar]

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