Happy Navratri [Ame Maiyaron Re – Oasis Thacker

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A Stick-Dance  [Dandiya Raas] Song.

Computer Art: Oasis Thacker

Lyrics: Narsinh Mehta & Oasis Thacker

Music Composer, Instrument Player and Rhythmist: Oasis Thacker

Singer: Kishore Manraja, Jayshree Bhojavia and Chorus

Music Album : O Raaj Re

I have many visitors from over 110 countries around the world, and I love all of them from all the countries. For those who are not familiar with the festivals, Stick-Dance, or the folk music of Gujarat State in India, the following will add little info.Needless to say that music itself is an international language.

First of all Nav Ratri means Nine Nights. That’s all simple.

This year, those nights will be 16-24 October. Due to partially Moon Calendar of India, the dates will be different for European/American calendar.

Most people of the world are familiar with Krishna, or Lord Krishna, especially after Beatles got interested in Hinduism. Krishna, born in a prison of his uncle, was sneaked out of the jail to a shepherd village, and was raised by the town chief. He was a naughty child, but loved by everyone in the village. He and other shepherd boys and girls would go to the bank of river Yamuna, and do this stick dance or Dandiya Raas.  Later he migrated from North India to Gujarat State, and became king of one of the provinces called ‘Dwarka’ .

The dance is popular all over India, but most popular in Gujarat State where I was born and raised. Most of these songs are written in Gujarati language [Including the song you will hear], and art of this folk dance [Dandiya Raas or Garba] has been mostly developed in Gujarat state. The western Gujarat, called Saurastra, where Krishna spent most of his adult life, has been the leader in this country songs, folk singers, and dances. The tribal people still do the best and amazing stick dances. Gujarati folk music is one of the best.

This song was written (and I guess originally composed) by Narsinh Mehta (1414-1481), a pioneer poet of modern Gujarati Language, a Krshna devotee, and a social reformer. Since I love this man, I have replaced one stanza of this song with my words, in a way it blends with the original song It is said that on the request of his best devotee Narsinh Mehta, Krshna the God, appeared with his dance team and performed Dandiya Raas for Narsinh Mehta. (Krishna was born many centuries before) In the above art effect, I took two paintings from web, combined them, and created a modern art effect, using computer programs.

Many composers in modern era have re-composed this song with some changes. I have done the same thing. When Mr. Pravin Thakkar (A Gujarati film produer), and diretor Mr.Arun Bhatt [A film director] listened to my albums, they thought that my version of this song was best of all the  versions they have heard. They were interested in hiring me as a music composer of one of the films, but had to back off because the hero of the film wanted his brother as a music composer. That is understandable.




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