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Health club Photos (October 2010)

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It is true that the pictures above were taken a year a ago. So you may be curious about what do I look like now…Below are couple of pics I took today.

Pic-12    Pic 13

Few days ago I put a one-sentence post ‘Food for Thoght? No! Thought for Food’ . There was tremendous response, and still going strong. This tells me, that we all are health conscious. Our first grade teachers told us little proverb: Health is Wealth. But often we have ignored that because of job pressure, busy schedule or simply a remote control. A lot, rather too much, has been written about diet and exercise, so few more words will not make much difference. But sometimes other’s life inspires in exercise. It has to me. A picture is worth 1000 words. If these pictures inspire at least one person to get off his/her butt, and start working out, my time is well spent.

While I have been health conscious most of my life, and a member of health club for many years, I have always not been a ‘good boy’ in this respect. There have been lapses……sometimes days, sometimes months, and shamefully, sometimes years. OK, there may be times when the lapses were justifiable, like when boss said, “If you can’t finish the project by date………..,  you may as well look for another job”.  But on occasions it was simply laziness ( a remote control, or a hobby [like I missed today’s  exercise to prepare a post about exercise! :) ] or simple carelessness). But when a friend encouraged me to go back to gym, or a ‘Non-Friend’ laughed at my belly, I was back on track.

When you retire, you don’t have to retire from exercise. I have a secret: I am doing better at gym now than when I was in my 20’s. So how old am I?…………I am not going to tell you! If anyone attempts a misadventure of guessing it, I will have to show them Amithabh Bachhan’s this film poster :)

For those who don’t speak Hindi, the title means ‘Old May Be Your Dad’

I hope these pictures inspire you.

Your body, health, deserves at least 30 minutes a day. Wish you all the best.

Oasis Thacker

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