My ‘Man Dole Mera Tan’ Instrumental Snake Charmer Music going Viral on Youtube – Oasis Thacker

More than 200,000 hits!!!!


Two months ago I gave you good news that after two years, ‘Man Dole’ received 100,000 hits. Guess what, only two months after that the video received 100,000 MORE hits, making it over 200,000 total hits.

There is no better joy for an artist, that as many as possible fans enjoy his/her art, and appreciate it.

I am happy, and grateful.


Man Dole Mera Tan Dole’ Youtube Video

(Instrumental Snake-Charmer Music) –

Oasis Thacker [Ghanshyam Thakkar]


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200,000  hits on youtube and counting,   plus ???? Mp3 hits

Man Dole Mera Tan Dole (Instrumental Snake-Charmer Music) – Oasis Thacker [Ghanshyam Thakkar]

Over 78,000 hits on youtuve, plus ???? on MP3

Mere Desh Ki Dharti Sona

(Instrumental synchronized with original film video)

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