youtube hits 100,000 [Man Dole Instrumental Snake Charmers Music] – Oasis Thacker

Man Dole Mera Tan Dole

(Instrumental Snake-Charmer Music) –

Oasis Thacker [Ghanshyam Thakkar]

Hi friends,

I am happy to let you know that the snake charmer’s music I played on my keyboard has now 100,000 (1 lakh) hits. Besides that there are lot of hits on my website. I lost my stats when I changed the server, but I know they are lot. Thank you for your recognition.

When I first found out that the original Nagin film music was not actually played on snake charmer’s flute (known as Been or Pungi in India), I was surprised. It was played on Clay Violin. Clay Violin was the first keyboard instrument that could copy 5-6 acoustical instruments including snake charmer’s flute Kalyanji played the keyboard. To enrich the mufti-frequency sound, Laxmikant played Harmonium along with it. And that created historical Man Dole snake charmer’s music, that became immortal.

My keyboard had one sound that resembled the snake charmer’s flute. I moified that to suite my taste on computer synthesizer. This is a mufti-frequency sound (like accordion) that snake charmer’s flute create.

Another type of Been is a single frequency sound (like Soprano Sax) that my keyboard did not have, which I programmed myself.

I have used both the instruments in my arrangement.

As you know, good music does not happen by just pressing keyboard keys. The artist’s ability to create right emotions is very important. That is why some instrumentalist get better name than others.

I hope my ability to create right impression from the instrument has made a difference.


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