Merry Christmas (The Sound of Music Theme Orchestra Remix – Oasis Thacker)

Merry Christmas

The Sound of Music Orchestra

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Merry Christmas to all the friends.

Sound of Music is one of the best musical ever. The western classical music based orchestra and songs are immortal. Excellent story and acting.  Even though this is not a Christmas film, most of my 35 years stay in USA,  the film was broadcast on TV during Christmas holidays. I and my family always watched it. So I have personal relationship  with the film and the music.

For long time I wanted to arrange theme orchestra on my synthesizer. But it is not easy to arrange 100+ pc symphony orchestra on one keyboard. Finally I did the project, and I am happy with the outcome.

I hope you enjoy the music also.


Jingle Bell ( mp3) Play> by Oasis Thacker>

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