Aage Bhi Jaane Na Tu (Instrumental Remix) – Oasis Thacker

Aage Bhi Jaane Na Tu

(Instrumental Remix)

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Oasis Thacker

This beautiful song is from film Waqt. Ravi has composed excellent music for the film, and almost all songs of the film are hit songs.
Aage Bhe Jaane Na Tu is a song with Jazzy club setup. When you say Jazz, Metal Horns and Reeds are must. Also Guitars and Bass. Well, I will take this opportunity to blow my own horns…..and reeds. My keyboard came with some beautiful horns and reeds. But I was not satisfied. So I have created several horns and reeds myself. You will hear those in this song. Also, I have made new guitars and bass.
Besides great composition, lyrics are great too. The song takes place while a crime suspense drama is about to unfold. The song indirectly associates with the scene, while saying general philosophy about life.
The main essence of the song is ‘We don’t know what is in the future, and what is happening in the background; so this is your moment. Sometimes so-called club songs give great message of live. Many live with their eyes closed about the reality, that the life is short. They plan it, as if it was 1000 years long. In the process and mindless planning, they forget to live the moment…..which can be the last moment of the life.
Oasis Thacker

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