Chahe Paas Ho, Chahe Door Ho (Instrumental Remix & Narration) – Oasis Thacker

Chahe Paas Ho Chahe Door Ho

MP-3 Audio

Song from film Samrat Chandragupta

This beautiful love song from 50’s film ‘Samrat Chandragupta’ was entering my mind very often lately. When that happens, I go to my keyboard and produce instrumental. I had totally forgotten that the song was from film Samrat Chandragupta, the emperor who saved India from Alexander’s Greek Empire. You can read more about that in the video.

State of Gujarat has given Bollywood three great music composers: Jaykisan of ‘Shankar-Jaykisan’, Kalyanji, and Anandji of ‘Kalyanji-Anandji’

This is one of the best love songs of Bollywood films. I hope you like the instrumental Remix, and the narration (in the video)

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