Awaz De Kahan Hai [Instrumental] Happy New Year – Oasis Thacker

Happy New Year

Awaz De Kahan Hai

Instrumental Remix: Oasis Thacker  -Play

Voice: Noor Jahan & Surendra -Play

You may have difference of opinion about Hindi cinema, but one thing everyone agrees on, that it has given given great music from get-go. The reason: it has treasure of centuries old rich classical music as well as ear pleasing folk music. On the top of that, it has never felt shy about borrowing and making fusion of music from Hollywood and middle east.

This 1946 song from film ‘Anmol Ghadi’ has touch of Jazz. Noor Jahan’s voice is perfect for such songs.  In my instrumental remix, I have highlighted the Jazz part.

Happy (Indian) New Year.


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