Happy Independence Day India – Oasis Thacker


India’s National Anthem

Music Arranged and Performed by

Oasis Thacker

I wish you all happy 15th August. From 1857 to 1947 many Indians had fought for the freedom. Some like Gandhi, Bhagatsinh sacrificed their lives. Gandhi lead worlds first and only nonviolent fight for freedom, in which many died. Remember Jaliyawala Baug. Some lived all their lives in resistance to the British government and lived uncomfortable life in jails and at homes, like Nehru, Saradar Patel and thousands of other Indian patriots. They could have lived rich life in luxury, if they had wanted.

The freedom did not come easy. Now all we have to do is enjoy the freedom while doing honest and  hard work, and obey the laws of the land. Unfortunately, that is not what is happening.

Dishonesty and greed can put freedom in danger. Remember, the enemies are lurking to take away India’s freedom, as we speak.

Don’t take the freedom for granted.

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