N. Korea: The Stupidest Country In The 21st Century – Oasis Thacker

Courtesy: CNN.com

Courtesy: CNN.com

When I read the above headlines, I could not stop laughing. The wise man from the country says, “We will not warn before we strike”

Hey you idiot, you already warned by saying that you will not warn!!!” And you have warned, and warned and warned. I can assure you that some of the smartest people in the USA are alert even if you did not warn! They know your intentions. But just because you have intentions, and you have nuclear weapons, carrying out such operation against USA, NATO is like asking your whole country to commit suicide. And if you leaders try to escape to save your own lives, I doubt if any country will let you in.

Here are the facts you may want to consider:

  1. This is 2013, not 1960.
  2. Communism is practically a history to read in books. So don’t depend on your old allies. They are now capitalists, and supporters of USA. Soviet Union and China were smart. They ended the cold war long time ago, before the bread completely disappear from supermarket shelves, and now they are biggest trading partners of USA. China has invested more money in USA than any other country in the world. Russia at one point wanted to join NATO. Are you living in a cave?
  3. USA and NATO have so smart weapons and technology, that your missiles will crash in your own country. That is why no one is taking you seriously.
  4. Even Vietnam, after the bloody war of 60’s, has now joined the rest of the western world, and has seen fruits of their cooperation. Learn from them. Only your people in the old communist world are starving, and you are wasting money on weapons, instead of feeding your people. The days of treading ‘threats for bread’ are over. No one has been stupid enough to use the nuclear weapons, even during the worst days of the cold war. (When they were used for the first and only time, no one else had them!) If you try, think what will be left in your country, including you leaders.
  5. Don’t forget what happened to some dictators in very recent history.

In 21st century, no country can live in isolation. No country can threaten other countries. There is no such thing as ‘A country’s Economy’. This is the era of  ‘The World Economy’. Those who will join the world in business and education will be welcome, and will survive. The rest will starve or will perish.

If you can be rich by shaking hands, why get hurt by pulling a sword?

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