Baharon Phool Barsao – ( MP-3 ) – Oasis Thacker

Baharon Phool Barsao  बहारो फूल बरसाओ

( MP-3 ) Instrumental Remix

Oasis Thacker

As the times change, generations change, fashions change, social values are redefined, the trend of music styles will keep on changing. Every decade will come with some good songs, some decades will have more, some will have less.

While romantic songs have been composed and written all the time from get go  in the Bollywood, and will be composed for ever, it is fair to say that time period between 1950-1970 can be considered as The Romantic Period of Bollywood music. Many leading music composers have given some memorable romantic songs that will never fade with time. But the composer duo ‘Shankar-Jaykisan’ were the leaders in this area.

‘Bhaharon Phool Barsao’ is no doubt one of the top romantic songs of all the time. No one could sing romantic songs better than Mohomad Rafi. Many times the instrument players don’t get enough credit, but without the great sounds of horn, Shehani and Strings in this song, these emotions of love could not have been possible. The instrumentalists deserve as much credit as the singers, but will never get it. Sadly, we don’t even know their names.

As usual, in this instrumental remix, I have played all the instruments and rhythms on my synthesizer. I have also arranged the orchestra. When I don’t find proper instrument that would be faithful to a particular emotion, I create a new instrument, or modify the existing ones. I created the Shehnai, Reed and Horn, and edited the strings to fit the song. I hope you enjoy the emotions I have expressed through these instruments, and fall in love, or fall in love all over again.

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