Happy Rath-Yatra [Kanuda Re: Lyrics/Music : Oasis Thacker

Happy Rath-Yatra

Jagannath Temple Ahmedabad

Jagannath Temple Ahmedabad

ગીત અને સંગીતઃ ઘનશ્યામ ઠક્કર
Lyrics and Music: Ghanshyam Thakkar
સ્વર: કિશોર મનરાજા, નેહા મહેતા અને વૃંદ
Singers: Kishore Manraja, Neha Mehta

Rath-Yatra (Chariot-Procession) relates to Krishna, brother Balbhadra and sister Subhadra’s procession in a chariot. It is organized by Jagannath temples. Ahmedabad procession is the second largest. Lot of elephants owned by the temples, floats, acrobatic and gymnastic shows by volunteer groups.

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