India’s Stick-Dance Music_1 – Oasis Thacker

There will be a surprize next few days

 India’s Stick-dance Music-1


Ame Maiyaron Re – Ghanshyam Thakkar

I compose different types of Indian and Western music. The stick dance music is folk music originated in the state of Gujarat, the state in which I was born and raised till I came to USA. So this music is close to my heart. But objectively, this is great music. In 1977 I began playing western drum set on this music, instead of Indian folk drums. Later on everyone began doing that and now the western drum set has become an integral part of the rhythm section along with traditional Indian folk drums. I have used western style chords and bass also in composition. The dance is called DandiaRaas [Stick dance]In my album ‘O Raaj Re (O My Darling), I have two thirty minutes’ nonstop dance music segments. There are several whole or partial folk songs, and some of my own songs. The segment begins with slow dance, and gradually becomes faster and faster, without missing a single beat.Today you will hear the first song of the second dance.The festival began 8th October and will continue for nine days.

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