Happy Chaitri Navratri – [Ame Maiyaron Re] [Oasis Thacker

અમે મૈયારાં રે…Ame Maiyaron Re


Lyrics: Narsinh Mehta & Oasis Thacker

નરસિંહ મહેતા

Narsinh Mehta Song Writer                                   Computer Art: Oasis Thacker
Navratri, grouped in to Diwali holidays come during November. These nine day celebration, initiated in state of Gujarat, are celebrated all over the country now, with Dandiaraas (stick-dance) and Garba (clap-dance). 
Another Navratri festival is underway right now, called Chaitri Navratri. While it has religious significance; the dance part is limited in only few pockets. I wish the dance part was important now also. 
Anyway, here is one of my Dandiaraas/Garba song from my album ઓ રાજરે
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