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Sorry, we are out of red meat, how about some stinky fish?!!



[You Tube Comedy]

Oasis Thacker

Politicians are the only professionals who can promise red meat in primaries, promise fish in the general election and deliver neither after general elections are over.  Since the birth of democracy, USA has a Two Party System. Republican Party and Democratic Party. Republicans are socially old fashion, and trust private business owners more than (elected) congress and the president. Democrats are socially progressive, who also believe in free enterprise system, but with more oversight from the government (elected by people). Republicans think that private businesses will take care of the middle class and poor, because they are also the consumers. Democrats think that private businesses will become too greedy and destroy the very middle class that helped businesses become rich in the first place.

During primary contests, there is an election within each party to decide who will become nominees of the party. In this elections Republican candidates tend to look more old fashion and government hater (the very government they want to be part of), while Democrats try to look more progressive.

Once the primary elections are over, they need votes from not only the members of their party, but also from the voters who don’t care for the ideology of either party, but want a smart commonsense government. So all the candidates try to slide towards center, and sometimes talk totally opposite to what they had said during primary.

In this comedy video, we will laugh at this weird political mess.

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