Photo Gallery: Nowadays-Oasis -1 : Oasis Thacker

I am just a laborer of art.

Photo Gallery: Nowadays-Oasis – 1 :

1. Music Creation & Studio Recording

Photo-1       Photo-2     Photo-3     Photo-4    Photo-5

Pictures were taken in August-September, 2010

More recent pictures of this subject will be published in coming posts



Dear friends,
For many years I have remained in seclusion to pursue my goals of music creation, poetry creation and learning related computer science, webpage design and blog-publication. While doing that I have also spent many hours in practicing engineering and project management. So the seclusion was not a choice, it just happened. One day I wake up and a decade has gone by. Some think I have become unsocial, some think I have become too proud, and some think I have died, and a ghost-creator is publishing with my name. None of these is true. I very much like to be social, but because of my neglecting to stay in touch, it is difficult for me ‘Look Social’. I am just a laborer of art.Many don’t know what I look like recently. Many don’t know how I spend my time and what is involved in my work. By these pictures, and more pictures in coming posts, it will give you some idea.
Thanks again for making my blogs and websites so successful.Posted by Ghanshyam Thakkar

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