Navratri Garba [Ene Vijog (Disconnexion)] : Music and Poem – Oasis Thacker

એને વિજોગ

Ene Vijog (Disconnexion)

Music and Lyric: Oasis Thacker

Singer: Neha Mehta & Chorous

ગીત અને સંગીતઃ ઘનશ્યામ ઠક્કર
સ્વરઃ નેહા મહેતા અને વૃંદ


AasopalavNi Dale
Garba or Dandia Rass are folk dance festival, for singing, dancing and be merry. But ocassionally the lyrics are not happy. Actually many are very tragic. This is true for folk songs of many countries, like Country & Western songs of America.
I wrote this literary poem in 1970 and was immediately published in a top literary periodical. While I had some tunes in my mind, I had no plan to learn music and complete the composition. During late 80’s I got serious about music and during 90’s I completed the composition, arranged orchestra on my synthesizer.
The most important things to mention about the arrangement.  I enjoy creating new musical instrument on my synthesizer. I created this highly emotional instrumental that sounds like soprano. Using such extremely emotional instrument was revolutionary especially for a folk song. But I decided to go ahead. You can hear the result.I am very proud of my musical innovation.
The song is about a woman longing for the departed lover for long time and does not know where he is, or when he would return. But it is presented in a very poetic manner, using new metaphors. One day I will translate this song.
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