The Last Farewell (Music Remix You Tube Video) – Oasis Thacker

The Last Farewell

(Music Remix You Tube Video)

Oasis Thacker

Song: Khuda Nigehban

Original Score: Naushad

Instrumental Remix: Oasis Thacker

Film: Moghal-e-Azam (The Great Moghal) 1960

Moghal-e-Azam is one of the greatest films made in India (Bollywood). The back drop is the empire of The Great King Akabar of Persian origin who ruled over a large part of India in 15th century.

Prince Salim falls in love with the Entertainer-Laureate (singer/dancer) of the kingdom Anarkali, and wants to marry her. When prohibited by the father, the son rebels against his father, and loses. Anarkali gets a death penalty by putting her between a brick-wall. This tragic song was filmed at the time when she was taken away for the death by the soldiers.

While the king and prince are real, Anarkali and the love story is a fiction.
The music composer Naushad is one of the greatest music composers of Indian films. He was one of the pioneers in arranging his compositions appropriate for films, by merging Indian classical and folk music and western orchestration. Being a Muslim of the Persian origin himself was very successful in creating Moghal atmosphere.

In order to create proper atmosphere, I have made a Sarangi-like instrument on my synthesizer. Sarangi is an Indian Violin used specifically in this type of music.

I hope you like my music arrangement, and performance.

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