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Sports and Patriotism


Recently there was a big excitement for sport fans for a month due to the FIFA World cup football (soccer) event. In the end, Germany was the champion. Germans showed their patriotism by huge celebration in the country. Argentina got the second place. It still is a great honour.. But fans did not accept it, and displayed their patriotism by angry reaction and by destroying property of their own country. So much, that police had to use teargas. In countries like Pakistan, people have showed their so called sport-patriotism by attacking their sport heroes or their families or even damaging their properties, in case of a big loss. A team or person that was your hero till yesterday is treated like a traitor today, just because of a single nonperformance. What kind of patriotism is it, if you damage property of your own country, or insult the players who had worked day or night and had tried to be the best they could be, win or loose?

From the beginning of the human civilization, mankind has invented sports for recreation. The team sports created some kind of sense of belonging if sport was played between different neighborhood, or cities, or states or countries. Yes, we should take pride in our team. We should hope that our team wins. We should celebrate, if the team wins. But have true sportsman spirit. It is ok to be little unhappy for a loss. But you can’t go crazy over it. Crying like a baby, or vandalizing property out of control is a mental problem. There is not a shred of patriotism in it. It is a dysfunctional love for the homeland, or a team. You should accept defeat, and admire the other team’s achievement, who also worked very hard to win.   Just because you call yourself a certain team’s fan, or buy a $100 ticket, or pay subscription for a cable TV, you don’t own the players. If you don’t like their performance, then you play. Many of these, so called patriotic fans, are lazy couch potatoes. They hardly do any physical activities themselves, and like to satisfy their superiority complex (without any qualifications ) by calling themselves certain team’s fan, and go crazy when the team looses.

Here is how you can become a patriot:

  1. Work hard in the field you are good at, and make your country proud.
  2. Love your fellow countrymen, especially the sportsmen, who you are fan of, and love them win or loose.
  3. Follow the laws of the land, including traffic laws.
  4. Don’t get involved in jealousy, or think ill of others.
  5. Help the country with other skills you may have, like community work, over and above the money-making work.
  6. Don’t accept or give bribes.
  7. Make your sport hero your inspiration. But his victory doesn’t make you great, and his defeat doesn’t make you a looser.

In sports, or anything else in the life, we can put 110% effort. Then we have to be happy with whatever results that may bring.

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