Happy Fourth of July [Star Spangled Banner by Oasis Thacker]



Music Arrangement and Performance by

Oasis Thacker

All the instrument and rhythms performed by Oasis Thacker on Synthesizer.

India connection to The US National Anthem:

There are many similarities between India’s and USA’s democracies. Both the countries were ruled by British Colonies at one point. Both fought Brits for independence. While USA went to war, India had non-violence fight.

Until recently I did not know that there was an India-connection when the US national anthem was written.

The Star Spangled Banner, the national anthem of the United States, was written in 1812 on a Wadia built British Navy ship, the HMS Minden. A Wadia did not visit the United States until 1849, when Ardeshir Cursetji Wadia also became the first Parsi to do so.

Wadia family is one of the oldest business tycoons of India, and still is. Parsi is  a small minority community in India that follows Zoroastrian religion.  Parsi’s migrated in a small group to India in the eighth century from Iran to avoid religious prosecution. Some Europeans migrated to the USA for the same reason.

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