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First, congratulations to Mr. Narendra Modi and BJP for a massive victory in yesterday’s national election results.

Once, the popular and successful president of USA Bill Clinton said in answer to the reason of his success:

The one-line simple answer was: It is economy, stupid!

Well, in the country like USA, this simplistic formula may be relevant; but Indian democracy has been more complex and confused.

Besides economy and jobs, the political and election process has been dictated by many factors totally unrelated to the country’s well-being.

Here are few examples:

  1. Congress party’s unwise socialistic policy that has resisted free market economy.
  2. The above has restricted poor from advancing economically.
  3. Giving away handouts to these poor for a vote-bank, without considering overall  impact on the country’s economy.
  4. Communal divide and caste-base politics, especially in the vast uneducated communities.
  5. India’s ‘King-Worshiping’ mentality, that kept Nehru-Gandhi’s and other royal families in power, without qualifications.
  6. Accepting corruption as a ‘no big deal’ for long time.

But the Congress party has failed to notice the following changes.

  1. Even hardcore socialistic and communist countries have done away with their economic stupidity. But in India, the concept has been continued for vote-bank politics.
  2. The new generation is educated. It does not believe in caste-base or communal politics.
  3. Explosion of multimedia, especially 24-7 private cable news channels, and internet has put Indians in touch with the world. This has given them more wisdom of what is relevant for good economy, jobs, and peaceful living.
  4. Old uneducated generation that believed in caste-base and communal politics is dying or is forced to be wised-up by their educated moderate children.
  5. People have tasted the results of free market economy, and have rejected the dumb socialistic ideology. People are interested in development for all, rather than handouts to few.

2014 elections has proven that people will no longer be fooled by the diversion of the main issues by non-issues like communal divide, caste divide or stupid spinning of spoke persons of political parties.

The New Formula For Future Elections:

Are we better off now in comparison with five years ago? The ‘yes’ answer will win the future elections.

This determination will base on how people feel in their pocketbooks, and in their life, and not by election time propaganda and advertisements.

What is ‘Better off’?

  1. Economy
  2. Jobs.
  3. Infrastructure.
  4. Basic necessities like water, electricity, adequate transportation.
  5. Protection from price rise and inflation.
  6. Security. Protection from crime and communal violence.
  7. Education reform.


Ghanshyam Thakkar




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