Happy Holi (Are Jare Hat : Instrumental and Voice : Oasis Thacker)

Sandya [Film: Navrang]

Sandya [Film: Navrang]

Are Jare Hat

Instrumental and Voice : Oasis Thacker

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All Instruments and rhythms performed by Oasis Thacker.

 Music-Arrangement: Oasis Thacker


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Happy Holi [Rang Barse Instrumental Remix] – Ghansham Thakkar

Holi is the most celebrated folk festival in India, when people welcome the spring season and the nature’s colors by splashing each other with paint colors. They dance and sing, and go wild. Some drink alcohol only on this day. A home made liquor called ‘Bhung’

1957 film ‘Navrang’ [Means New Colors or  Nine Colors] is one of the best musicals ever in Indian films. Here the producer/director, known as Art-Guru, V. Shantaram takes the celebration of colors to the highest level, including some of the best classical/folk dances performed by Actress/Dancer Sandhya. The music of C. Ramchandra is outstanding. Singers Asha Bhosle and Mahendra Kapoor are memorable.

This is one of the best Holi Songs ever. While I have remixed the instrumental, I have verbally done the rhythmic  recitation of the beginning part (In original song this part was done by the music composer himself.)

I have selected instruments (some made by myself) appropriate for the mood and expression of the song.

Sandhya has done the female and male dance together, that is one of a kind. Unbelievable. I love you Sandhya for this great dance….and many other outstanding dances; not to mention great acting also.

I hope you enjoy my remix art. Happy Holi again

Oasis Thacker


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