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Aawaz DeKe [Call Me My Love]

आवाझ दे के हमें तुम बुलाओ

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Computer Art: Ghanshyam Thakkar (Oasis)

Computer Art: Ghanshyam Thakkar (Oasis)

Oasis Thacker

Ghanshyam Thakkar (Oasis)

This beautiful love song is from 1962 film ‘Professor’. Shankara-Jaykisan have done an excellent music composition. Mohammad Rafi and Lata Maheshkar have sung  this song and have given the utmost justice to the emotions of the composition.

There are many kind of love songs. Sometimes lovers get together and enjoy each-others loving companies, praising beauty and other qualities (Example   Rut Ye Suhani ); sometimes they get naughty in expressing the love (Example Gulshan ke Madari. ) There are times when lovers are in sexual-romantic state of mind. They cannot control their physical demands (Examples Behkaye Ja . ) ‘Awaz Deke’ is about ‘Pain of Love’. No, it is not the pain of separation, nor it is pain of the obstacles in love, given by social elements. Lovers are near each other, and yet they feel intense pain in the hearts. This is not bad pain. It is good pain! Yes, human emotions are complex. We do get tears of joy, don’t we?

When this song was released, I was (sweet!) 16. You can understand the romantic emotions at that age. When I heard this song first time, coming from a distant radio, the song drilled through my heart. I fell in love. I fell in love with this song……..and with an unknown girlfriend. (We were not allowed to have girlfriends during those days :)!).

When a composer composes a song, he/she experiences the emotions of the song in the heart first. Then the musical score is born. Then he looks for the most appropriate voices for the song, the most appropriate music arrangement, and the instrumentalists. Sometimes lyrics are written to fit the musical notes, and some times the music compositions are made to fit the words.

Musicians and Instrumentalist do not often get proper recognitions. They are extremely talented artists. It is not easy to get a mastery on any musical instrument, and play with appropriate emotions. While orchestra was great in this song, the saxophone player stole my heart even when I was 16, and ever since then. At one point I wanted to be a saxophone player like him. Never got time. The emotions he displayed in the romantic tune drilled through my heart. When there is a good composition, and a good instrumentalist, you can do without the lyrics.

When I bought my electronic synthesizer in 1995, I was happy to find out that it had various saxophone sounds, including few sopranos. They were good, but did not bring the emotions at the level of the saxophone in the original song ‘Awaz Deke’ To my luck, the synthesizer came with a plug-in that allowed you to program new instruments, or edit the existing.

I self taught myself to take this challenge too. It took me a month to develop few very emotional saxophones. You have heard most of these instruments in my albums and other songs on the websites/blogs.

Well, today you can hear the instrumental remix of the very song, whose sax inspired me to develop my own saxophones on my keyboard. I hope I have been successful to express the emotions displayed, not only by the great singers, but also by the orchestra, and especially the saxophone player (whose name I don’t know ).

This song is from the 1962 Romantic Comedy film ‘Professor’. The hero Shammi Kapoor was known for his roles as a jumping, dancing romeo. Like Elvis Presley without singing. But very few have given him credit for (like Elvis) expressions for true pain of love. He was one of the best in this area, so this song was filmed on a very suitable actor.

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