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Dear Friends,

For last few year now it has become a tradition to show you the stats of the previous year in January. I am happy to say that as previous years, you have hit me hard :) (Enjoyed my Music, Poetry and other creations) again from over 136 countries. There is no better joy for an artist than to see fans enjoy their art.

I have been told that, if I join Facebook or other social medias, and associate my blogs with them, more people will be able to take advantage of my creativity. To be honest, I like to spend as much time as possible with my music and poetry creation and practice. Lately I have not been able to do so, because it takes lot of time in other things like blog publication, web design, video and audio recording, photo and video editing, and many other techno-stuff involved with that. So one of these days I will connect myself with social medias, as soon as I can.

One thing I like to clarify about the top posts. There are times when I create webpage for a new post. At other times, I put the posts directly on blogs. (saves time). But my blogs are not equipped with stats-counter. I had them a couple of years ago, but had to get rid of the plugins, because it caused problem with the blog operation. So we will never know, which posts that were published directly on the blog-pages got to the top. So the top posts displayed on this post may not be accurate.

I hope you continue visit my blogs and websites. Your presence inspires me to create more art.

Oasis Thacker

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