Happy New Year ’14 [Behkayeja Video & Audio] – Oasis Thacker

Happy New Year ’14




Computer Art: Oasis Thacker

Computer Art: Oasis Thacker

Music Composer & Lyricist: Oasis Thacker   Singer: Jyotsna Hardikar

हेप्पी न्यु यर २०१४ (बहकाये जा : ऑडियो & विडियो) – घनश्याम ठक्कर (ओएसीस)

આ લેખ ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો  

यह लेख हिन्दी में पढिये   

I wish all my friends very happy new year

New Year eve is a party time. People enjoy dancing, drinking alcohol, singing songs. Even those who are on conservative side, take little liberty on this day. But in some countries, people go real wild.

‘Behkayeja’ is a romantic song of seduction, with invitation and complain simultaneously. It is a song with influence of wine. It is a song with irresistible sexual urge.

India’s sexual morality has floated in a wide range from
Khajuraho and Kamsutra to  internet porn. And even during the so-called conservative times, a lot was happening behind the curtains. Social reaction on the above subjects has often been biased and hypocritical. Kings, lords, actors, and rich aristocrats, have always been measured with a separate yardstick than an average middle-class. Some tribal inhabitants, especially in forest areas, have made their own rules about nudity and sexual behavior, and have enjoyed freedom for a long time.  Artists…painting artists, sculpture artists, poets, writers etc have been a step ahead in glorifying sexuality, nudity and alcohol. Western countries have often taken a bolder approach than east.

One day, I will write an elaborate article on the subject. Today, you can play this seductive song, and dance with your girlfriend or wife.

Jyotsna Hardikar has done excellent job in singing this very difficult song, full of emotional complexity,  with amazing expressions. At the time of recording this song, I thought only Asha Bhosle could give proper justice to this song. I called Ashaji on phone. She was nice enough to talk to me (an unknown music composer and lyrics writer) in length. At the time she was booked for a year in India, Europe and USA. But to my luck, I was able to find Jyotsna, who sang the song exactly the way I wanted.

I hope you enjoy this special song on a special day.




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