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I wish Merry Christmas to all my friends.



MP3 Debut of Full Song

Mojave-an Dreams


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Computer Art: Oasis Thacker

Computer Art: Oasis Thacker

Music Composer, Orchestra Arranger & Performer

Oasis Thacker

Romancing the Strings

स्ट्रिंग-ऑर्केस्ट्रा के साथ रोमांस

इस लेख को हिन्दी में पढिये.

I hope you enjoy the debut of my song ‘Mojave–an Dreams’  (full song) from my album ‘DewDrops on The Oasis’ So far, you have heard the sample.

The composition of the album was initiated in the era of ‘Cool Jazz’. While this new category of music used all kind of instruments, including synthesizers; the instrument that made this style popular was Soprano Sax. Kinney G., superstar composer and soprano performer played the most important role.  Initially I meant to record all the songs of the album with the Soprano Saxes I had programmed on my synthesizer, that would give proper justice to my compositions. (The keyboard came with pre-loaded Saxes. I wanted different and better sound, so I created few versions of Saxes on my synth)

When I was about to record ‘Mojave–an Dreams’ using my sopranos, it occurred to me that strings (multiple violin orchestra) would be more appropriate for this beautiful composition.

I love all musical instruments, but I have special attachment to symphonic strings, saxophones, and solo violins, Horns, Shehnai, Sitar etc. At one point I never dreamed that with my one finger, I would get sound of 100 violins-orchestra! While the strings in my synthesizer are so real, it is difficult to distinguish from acoustical string orchestra; I have edited the instruments, and mixed multiple string programs to create proper arrangement as needed.

When you play modern synthesizer of high quality, it is lot more skills than just pressing right notes. Like real violins, saxophone and other acoustical instruments, you have to be artistically skillful musician to be able to get proper emotions by various controls available. Every instrument in the synthesizer has to be played with different skill.

Stings orchestra has its origin in the classical symphonic music of the west. But over last century, it has been used all over the world in different type of music. Strings orchestra not only can create different moods of music, but also, it can create dramatic sounds very helpful in the theatre. That is why it is hard to imagine Hollywood, Bollywood and other films without the use of string orchestra.  But strings orchestra is at its best when a soothing easy listening music that flows like a quiet river in a beautiful natural backdrop. That is what ‘Mojave-an Dreams’ is.

All Indians can take pride for the fact that Zubin Mehta, the world’s leading conductor of symphonic orchestra, was born in India. I consider him ‘The Conductor of the Century’! I dedicate ‘Mojave-an Dreams’, the composition, arrangement and performance to Mr. Zubin Mehta. Yes, I have right to dream that Mr.Mehta will one day conduct a full 100 pc orchestra for this song of mine. But it may be my ‘Mojave-an Dream’ and may never come true.

But I am sure you will enjoy this song on my electronic orchestra, which I am so proud of.

So, on this Christmas, welcome to my ‘Symphony in Park’ and enjoy my orchestra.

The picture in the Christmas Card is with my kids, when I visited Dallas during this November (Thanksgiving time). I will post some more pictures of my Dallas vacation in coming weeks.

Oasis Thacker (Ghanshyam Thakkar)

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