Happy Sharad-Poornima…….At the Bank of Your Tidal Waves [MP 3] Lyrics & Music : Oasis Thacker

Happy Sharad-Purnima

Tari BhartiNa Mojan-Ne Kanthe  


Music & Lyrics: Oasis Thacker

Singers: Kishore Manraja, Neha Mehta & Chorous

Album : AasopalavNi Dale 

 Ghanshyam Thakkar (Oasis)

Sharad Purnima is the full-moon of Sharad Season. Sharad comes right after monsoon is over in India. The sky is clear, and you can see moon without any clouds around. People celebrate this by dancing in the beautiful light of full moon.

Full-moon brings tide in the ocean. It also brings tide of loving emotions in human hearts. This is a love song that makes you feel the tidal waves of loving emotions.

There are many kind of love songs. Some are just happy songs when loving couples enjoy the company of each other. Then there are songs when the love-birds tease each other, and become playful. But there are songs that express pain caused by intense love; even when the lovers are sitting next to each other, and there are no problems. This is a happy-pain.

There are few songs that describe this type of love-experience.  Moody Blue’s ‘Night in White Satin’, John Denver’s ‘Annie’s Song’, Shankar-Jaykisan’s ‘Awaz De Ke Hamen Tum Bulao’ are good examples.

In this song Tari BhartiNa Mojan-Ne Kanthe , I have tried to take these intense emotions of love-pain one step further. The poetry and composition are enough to express the emotions of ‘Pain of Love’ But I like to create new instruments on my synthesizer that express sentiment of the song also. I have created instruments that will go right through your hearts. In this post I will not translate the lyrics. I will just let you feel the effect of composition, expression created by my instruments, and sound and expression of singers’ voice. Singers have done excellent job, especially Kishore Manraja.

When I repeat the post I will translate the words. Make sure you listen to this song in the light of the full moon

याम ठक्कर (ओएसीस)]

AasopalavNi Dale



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