Gold and Bronze of India (Viewpoint) – Oasis Thacker

When it comes to collecting gold, India is one of the leading countries.

But when it comes to sport trophies, India loves the bronze.

This humor is not directed towards the players. They are doing the best to give the name to themselves and the country, in spite of lack of facilities or very poor facilities or the facilities they can’t afford.

People may feed their children with malnutritional food, or may not buy AC in 120 F heat, but they will make sure, they collect gold, sometimes to give away to daughter or to daughter in laws in weddings. Most of the gold jewelries stay locked up, doing nothing, but satisfy their ego. When they go out wearing them, chain snatchers keep eye on them, creating danger to their lives.

India is not poor anymore. There are more cars and scooters on the roads than we had bicycles in 70’s. In USA, anyone, rich or poor, can play tennis or any other sports FREE OF CHARGE, in many public facilities. High school and college tennis courts, or basketball courts are open to everyone free of charge. In India, you have to pay lakhs of rupees to become members of hi-fi clubs, in order to play sports like tennis. That is shame.

I understand, there is tons of gold confined in religious places, doing nothing. I guarantee you, God does not need gold. If free sports facilities are built with that money, any talented kid in India will be able to shine in any sport of his or her interest. For that matter, not only sport facilities, but facilities for music, and other arts. Indian kids will bring many gold medals by using the facilities. I will accept all the sin of removing gold from religious places.

Recently, very poor girls from tribal area of Jharkhand got third place in international soccer event in Spain. They had no facility. And the village leades, instead of encouraging them, abused them; including slapping them around, when they asked for their birth certificates to get their passports! This is inhumane.

When a country becomes financially able country, it has to also show the civic duty accordingly, and make sure the kids stand up with pride when they say, ‘Mera Bharat Mahan (My Inida is great)’ Did you see the 2008 Olympic event that was hosted by China? It was better than many events even in western countries. Not only that, but China won a total of 100 medals, 51 gold, 21 silver, and 28 bronze, which became its largest ever medal tally in Olympic history.

India needs to think in right direction.


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