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Meaningless Words & Phrases (Part 1)

Oasis Thacker (Ghanshyam Thakkar)

Today’s words and phrases:

‘Politics’, ‘Politicking’,  ‘Politicizing’, Being Political’ and ‘Playing Politics’

‘Politics’ is a social science subject; and to learn it, you are supposed to work very hard in a college.  But now it is most commonly used as a curse word that requires no education. ‘Politicizing’ and ‘Politicking’ are synonyms for ‘lying’ and ‘cheating’.  Even the street phrase ‘Playing Politics’ was originally meant to express ‘a sophisticated chess-game of political skill’; now used as ‘a fake wrestling match’.
You often hear in political debate the above words and phrases, when people run out of intelligent arguments. In last few years, the words have spread in social debates, religious debates and even sacred academic field.
The point is, when everyone accuses of the opponents with the words, they are meaningless. Every political party politicizes. All other groups play politics. So, for the good of common innocent citizens like me, lets just prohibit the use of the above words and phrases.

But I will add a new related phrase. ‘POLI-TICKLISH’. I am very Poli-Ticklish (sensitive to political debates); so much that when people use the above words and phrases, it is like when someone tickles me, and I can’t stop laughing.



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